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Donit Tesniti have been manufacturing compressed jointing sheets in Europe since 1946. With over fifty years of dedicated experience, Tesnit has become a hallmark for quality and performance. Tesnit products are sold in over 50 countries and are the most affordable high quality range of compressed sealing materials in the market today.

A commitment to technology, an investment in our Future.
Donit Tesniti allocates considerable resources into technology. R & D investment is intensive and conducted in advance laboratories. Plant machinery are cutting edge and leverages computers for optimum efficiency. This not only translates into the best products money can buy at the lowest possible prices, it is also an investment into our future. R & D has yielded safer, higher performance products that is environmentally sound. Investments in high performance computerised adsorption equipment means less emission. Digital mixers means consistent product quality but more importantly less wastages and hence help conserve limited world resources. Tesnit makes sealing products that safeguards our future

Compressed Synthetic Fiber (CSF)
Non-Asbestos Materials

Tesnit´s BA range is the most comprehensive range of Compressed Synthetic Fiber materials available for sealing applications.These  non-asbestos materials are the direct results of Donit Tesniti´s decades of intensive R & D efforts. Materials are suitable for temperatures up to 600°C and 500 bar.

Compressed Asbestos Fiber (CAF)
Asbestos Sealing Material

For over five decades Tesnit has been manufacturing CAF sealing materials to the highest quality standards. Investment in advance machinery and R & D have resulted in safer and more efficient production methods.This translates to products whose performance often rivals the best in the market at a fraction of their cost.

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