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Products and Services

AltonaShop Products & Services
Fluid sealing and control is what we are well known for but we offer much more. Click on one of the product catagory links for more product information or click on one of the industry web guides for an industry specific guide page.

Fluid Sealing
  • Tesnit asbestos & non asbestos sealing materials
  • Sealrite compression packing, celluslose fiber sheets, rubber, graphite sheets, graphite die formed rings & PTFE
  • Tesitallic sprial wound, ring type joints, heat exchanger gaskets and other metallic seals
  • Pikotek critical service flange gaskets, spring-energized jacketed seals and electrical (cathodic protection) flange isolation kits
  • Mechanical seals
  • Cut gaskets for ANSI, DIN and JIS standard flanges. Non-standard cut gaskets.
  • Insulation gaskets and other sealing products
Fluid Control
  • Bonetti reflex & transparent glass liquid level gauges & spares
  • Bonetti magnetic liquid level gauges
  • Bont piston valves, forged valves & bellow seal valves
  • Marsh pressure gauges, instrumentation & needle valves
  • Forged valves, safety relief valves, globe valves and more 
  • Master industrial process magnets, lifting magnets, grid magnets, suspension magnets & magnetic separators
  • Permanent magnets and electro magnets of various sizes & applications


All information on this web site is meant as a general guide only. The diversity and complexity of industrial application does not allow any warranty to be given on the use of the information in determining the suitability of a product for a given application.

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