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Sealing materials and supplies

Graphite Material
Pure expanded mineral graphite products provides an excellent gasket material for high temperature, high pressure applications or for applications where the gasket width is relatively narrow. The material is resistant to most organic and inorganic acids and is suitable to seal a very wide range of media. It is almost completely impermeable to gases and fluids and is commonly used in very demanding application where low emission is paramount.The material have no ageing or embrittlement problems common with elastomeric based materials and displays long term stability of compressibility and recovery over a wide temperature range. Graphite however is not suitable for use with very strong oxidising compounds like highly concentrated nitric acid or chromic acid.

PTFE Material
PTFE´s high chemical resistance against a wide spectrum of different mediums makes it an exceptional sealing material for aggressive fluids. Altona stocks pure PTFE gaskets and PTFE materials for a wide range of applications.

Cellulose Fibre Jointing
This is a very economical sealing material. It has excellent oil and fuel resistance and has a maximum continous service temperature of 120oC.
Compression Packing
Sealrite provides a comprehensive range of compression packings for a wide range of applications. Compression or mechanical packings may be used for both static and non-static sealing functions depending on the nature of the materials used and the construct of the packing.

Rubber Material
Rubber and other rubber like elastomers possesses mechanical properties that make them excellent for use in a wide range of general industrial applications including fluid sealing. Many synthethic elastomers in particular are engineered to resist a range of chemicals and reduce the ageing effect common to natural rubber. This makes these materials suitable for use as gaskets, seals, covers, linings and mats. Sealrite offers a wide range or rubber materials in sheet or roll form. They may be used for a wide range of applications as well as sealing material.



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