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Fluid Sealing

Altona Offers The Best Quality & Affordability In  Sealing Technology

Fluid sealing in industry and engineering are important and demanding applications. The choice of the right sealing  products is paramount in minimising the total cost of maintenance and maximising the performance of your equipment. In a sealing application the type of medium to be sealed, its operating temperature range and the maximum application pressure are the main considerations in choosing a suitable sealing product. However many other diverse factors must also be taken into account and these factors do differ considerably from application to application. The application engineer must exercise care in understanding a specific application, evaluate its sealing requirements and choose the product that is most suitable for the job at hand. In general, applications may be divided into static seals or dynamic seals. This refers to the relative movement of the surfaces being sealed. If the surfaces are stationary like in a joint on the flange of a piping line then it is a static seal. When the surfaces are moving as in the rotation of a shaft against the housing of a pump, it is a dynamic seal.  

  • Compression Packing
    for dynamic and static applications, eg pumps, valves, lid packs
  • Cellulose Fiber Jointing Material economical vegetable fiber material for static applications, eg. gear box housing, engine cover
  • Rubber & Other Elastomers
    for static applications, eg flanges, piping, machine housing
    maybe used for other general applications requiring rubber sheets.
  • Expanded Graphite Sealing Material in sheets, tape and die formed rings
    for static and dynamic applications, eg valves, exhaust, pump glands, flanges
  • PTFE Materials virgin, filled and expanded PTFE
    for static application, eg piping in food industry, gasket for chemical tank.  
  • Spiral Wound Gaskets with graphite, asbestos or PTFE fillers for static applications, eg. valves, flanges
  • Ring Type Joints metallic gaskets for high pressure and temperature for static applications, eg piping flanges
  • Metal Jacketed Gaskets semi-metallic gaskets in which a non-metallic filler is jacketed with sheet metal to produce a seal of exceptional strength
  • Heat exchanger Gaskets
  • Camprofile Gaskets
Mechanical Seal
  • Mechanical Seals cartridge and non-cartridge single spring and multi-spring type. For dynamic applications in pumps and agitators.
  • High end custom made seals for difficult applications
Gasket Cutting Service
  • Gasket Material cutting and customisation service available for all manner of materials in American, European or Japanese flange standards,  non standard gasket for most application on request regardless of quantity. 
Other Sealing Product
  • Insulation gaskets: flange, full face, raised face and ring joint type.
  • Specialised sealing products

All information on this web site is meant as a general guide only. The complex nature of sealing applications does not allow any warranty to be given on the use of the information in determining the suitability of a product for a given application.


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