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Cut Gaskets
Altona provides a comprehensive die cutting service for a wide range of materials. We offer very competitive prices and very fast delivery times for most standard gasket items.

Available Materials
Tesnit range of non-asbestos and asbestos materials.
Elastomers including rubber, EPDM, and Neoprene
Sealrite Cellulose Fiber
Sealrite Expanded PTFE
Sealrite Graphite materials. UCarb graphite materials on request,
Pure PTFE and filled PTFE materials
Other materials on request

Flange Standards
Altona support the following flange standards in our production programme:
1. German DIN standard - PN 10, PN 16 and PN 25
2. American ANSI standard - Class 150lb, and Class 300lb
3. Japan JIS standard - 5K, 10K, 16K, 20K, 30K
For all other standards or class ranges please contact us for quotation.

Non-Standard Sizes & shapes
For non-standard shapes or sizes detailed drawings with dimensions is required.The gasket may be hand cut for low volume jobs or die cut as required.Materials must be specified when requesting for quotation for non-standard shapes or sizes.

Die Cut Service
Altona also provides die cutting service for a wide range of application and materials. We offer competitive rates for large volume cutting jobs for many industries including packaging, insulation and the electronics industry. Please
contact us for more details.



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