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Overband Magnetic Seperator


Overband Magnetic Separators are specifically designed for the continuous separation of ferrous content from material carried by conveyor belts or vibratory feeders. The machine consists of a stationary magnet around which a belt traverses, automatically cleaning the magnet continuously aryd keeping it at peak efficiency. The overband separator is mounted over the conveyor either in a transverse position, discharging extracted iron into a receptacle at the side of the conveyor, or it can be supplied for operation in-line with the main conveyor, being positioned over the terminal head pulley and discharging extracted iron forward of the clean material trajectory. This is shown diagrammatically overleaf.

Mastermag overband separators are designed to operate at a predetermined working gap over the material bed on the conveyor, always providing the same flux density at that gap ensuring high extraction rates. In addition with the advent of high power ferritic magnets, an extensive range of permanent non-electric overband separators is available to provide similar units to the electro equivalent in all the lower ranges of operating gaps.Common applications for the use of overband separators exist in the removal of tramp iron from foundry sand, sized coal, stone, glass cullet, fertilizers, crumb rubber, household refuse and similar materials. Applications also include the removal of tramp iron to protect crushers,shredders, and similar expensive and vital processing equipment.

Magnet Unit--Tripolar design with core, poles, and backbar in high permeability mild steel. The base fitted with a robust stainless steel rubbing plate designed to withstand heavy impact of extracted tramp iron.The energising coil wound in high conductivity aluminium is heavily insulated and connected into a terminal box to receive D.C.supply.

Permanent magnetic overband units are constructed in similar fashion to the electro but have a fully stabilised non-deteriorating strontium ferritic magnetic core.

Frame: -
Rigid welded construction in rolled steel channel of ample size to support the total weight of the unit.

Are normally sealed for life and are selected to give long life in arduous conditions

Geared Motor: -
Totally enclosed continuously rated fan cooled. Motor and gearbox ratings well in excess of that required to drive the system, ensuring long motor and gearbox life.

Chain Drive:-
Pinion, chain wheel, and roller chain of adequate rating, and totally enclosed in sheet steel chainguard.

Fabricated from mild steel with crowned face to assist belt tracking and mounted on bright steel shafting.

Belt: -
Of rubber/neoprene with nylon and terylene plies, selected because of its excellent properties to withstand impact loads and give long life. The belt is jointed with non-magnetic fasteners and fitted with attractors.


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