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Bullet Seperator

Bullet Separator
Included in the Mastermag wide range of products are many smaller permanent magnetic devices which are used to protect plant and purity free flowing products.
Proving to be one of the most popular amongst this range of products is the Mastermag
Bullet Separator.

The Mastermag Bullet Separator is used primarily for extracting iron particles etc. from flour, grain, plastic granules and similar products being conveyed in ducted systems.
Although not offered as a standard, electro magnetic bullet separators are also available, with automatic discharge flaps if required.

The bullet magnet system from which the separator gains its name consists of a circular conical core packed with everlasting powerful strontium ferrite or rare earth magnetic materials, protected by non magnetic stainless steel rings, and fitted into a robust stainless steel trunking.
Whilst material flows over the magnetic bullet any ferrous particles are attracted to the highly magnetic surface and securely held in position. Guide strips on the housing deflect material directly on to the bullet surface.
Cleaning is simple. Releasing the quick action catches and opening the trunking door, the bullet itself swings clear and can then be wiped clean. The whole operation only takes seconds and the trunking can be closed and back in operation with the minimum of downtime and disruption to production

Whilst the Mastermag Bullet can quite easily fit into atmospheric pressure pipelines, perhaps the most exciting aspect of these units is their ability to be fitted into pressurised ductwork with all the benefits that can be gained from such a system.


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