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Needle Valves
Marsh Galaxie Series Needle Valves
These valves are built around a "trim line" design which features a shortened space saving body that utilizes machined bar stock construction for alloy steel and 316 SST. The threaded portion of the stem is media isolated. These valves can be easily panel mounted since bonnet is completely threaded externally.

Marsh Hard Seat Needle Valves
Ideal for any application that require careful regulation of fluid flow these valves are used in processing plants, oil and gas production, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, and testing labs. All models are machined from quality bar stock for reliable performance. A panel mounting kit is avilable for the three hard seat models.


Marsh Soft Seat Needle Valves
Designed for applications where bubble-tight seal and shutoff of liquids or gases are required.  Sleeve insert is replaceable for added valve life
Marsh Block/Bleed Terminal  Needle Valves
These valves provide extra pressure outlets, permits line samplings, isolate gauges and provide a bypass. This product eliminates extra connections and parts on a gauge leg, thus reducing cost and increasing dependability..



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