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Tesitallic® Spiral Wound

Spiral wound gaskets are special semi-metallic gaskets of  great strength and resilience. Manufactured by spirally winding V-shaped metal strips and strips of non-metallic filler with good sealing characteristics, they  are suitable for use under heavy operating conditions at high temperature and pressures. Applications include the sealing of flange joints, boilers, heat exchangers, valves and pressure vessels. Inner rings and outer rings may be added to reinforced the gasket. A range of metals and filler materials are available to suit different applications.  Standard Tesitallic spiral wound gaskets are  made to fit ANSI B 16.5 and BS 1560 flanges. Spiral wound conforming to ASME B16.20 specification on request. Colour coding to industry standard is available. Nominal thickness available is 4.5mm and 3.2mm. Special request is required for a nominal thickness of 6.4mm. Non standard spiral wound gaskets are available in various dimension and shapes for use as flange gasket, manhole gasket, handhole gasket or other applications. Spiral wound gaskets is only suitable for circular or moderately non-circular shapes.Limitations on size and shape largely depends on practical considerations in the manufacture of the gasket.   


Material Selection Table


Material Type

Application Remarks

Metal strips & rings

Stainless Steel SUS 304

450 oC good corrosion resistance

Metal strips & rings

Stainless Steel SUS 304L

450 oC  high corrosion resistance

Metal strips & rings

Stainless Steel SUS 316

630 oC good corrosion resistance

Metal strips & rings

Stainless Steel SUS 316L

630 oC  high corrosion resistance

Metal strips only


630 oC very high corrosion resistance. Not for use in high sulphur atmospheres 

Rings only

Carbon Steel

For general use


Compressed Asbestos

500 oC good chemical resistance



630 oC good chemical resistance



300 oC excellent chemical resistance. For use in food and potable water applications


Standard Spiral Wound Dimension Tables

TS D Standard Spiral Wound (no inner or outer ring).

Manufactured using electronically controlled machines that ensures high consistency in  dimensions and overall product quality the TS D is the basic standard spiral wound without inner or outer rings. High purity (98%) graphite and AISI 316 stainless steel strip is used as standard. Other materials are available on request. The V-shaped plies of metal strip and filler produces a unique spring like effect which gives the gasket good recovery and high tolerances for flange irregularities. The Tesitallic TS D is suitable for use as a seal in bonnets, valves and in flanges.


TS D-2 Standard Spiral Wound with Inner Ring

The inner ring increases the axial stiffness and resilience of the gasket. It also serves to fill out the crevices between flanges the gasket and hence serves to minimise the build up of process materials on the flange AISI 304 stainless steel is the standard material for Tesitallic spiral wound. Other materials available on request..


TS D-1.2 Standard Spiral Wound with Inner & Outer Rings

The TS D1.2 spiral wound is manufactured with both AISI 304stainless steel inner ring and carbon steel outer rings as standard.


Non Standard Spiral Wound
Customised spiral wound with nominal thickness of 4.5mm or 3.2mm is available on request. Circular spiral wound with or without inner or outer rings may be manufactured from 20mm to 2000mm in diameter subject to practical considerations. Rectangular with rounded edges, oval and pear shaped spiral wound can be manufactured as wound only without outer ring although an inner ring may be attached under most circumstances. Size and shape of these gaskets is again subjected to practical considerations.



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