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Ring Type Joints And Other Solid Metal Gaskets

Solid metal type gaskets are designed for use in high temperature and high pressure environments. These gaskets must perform in very demanding applications often in the presence of strong corrosive agents. Made from solid metal and machine formed to the desired dimensions and shape they are commonly found in refineries, oil and gas fields and in chemical process plants. They are available in a variety of materials. It is strongly recommended that the gasket metal be softer than the flange material.

RTJ Type R Oval

RTJ Type R Octagonal

Ring Type Joint (RTJ) API Type R:
API type R ring type joints come in two designs, oval and octagonal. For use for presures up to 10 000 psi the dimensions are standardised and the flanges are specially grooved to accept the RTJ. The oval type R is designed to fit the round bottom groove but they may be also fitted in the newer flat bottom groove design, The octagonal type R RTJ design offers better sealing for the flat bottom grooved flange. Type R API ring joint dimensions are covered by ANSI B.16.20 and API 6A. Sizes from R11 onwards of both oval and octagonal design are available in soft iron, stainless steel and other metals.

The RX ring joint differs from the type R in that its cross section shape is designed to take advantage of the fluid pressure to achieve a seal. They are used in API 6B flanges at pressures of up to 15 000 psi.
The BX ring joint is a square octagonal shape and designed to be used in API 6BX flanges at pressures of up to 15 000 psi.

RTJ API Type R, RX, BX Dimension Tables

Lens Type Gasket:
The lens type gasket has a spherical cross section and resembles a lens. It is a line contact seal for high presuure applications where contact area is very small but gasket seating pressure is very high. Complete drawings and material specifications are required for ordering.


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