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Sealrite PTFE
PTFE´s high chemical resistance against a wide
spectrum of different mediums makes it an exceptional
sealing material for aggressive fluids. Altona
manufactures pure PTFE gaskets and PTFE materials
for a wide range of applications:

Pure PTFE Rings & Customised Parts:
Pure PTFE is formed into rings to fit standard flanges
or it may be made to customer specified dimemsions. It is suitable for a wide range of applications which includes O-rings, glide rings for internal sealing and piston stepped rings.

Pure PTFE Envelopes:
Pure PTFE envelopes are used as an external protective jacket for conventional gasket
materials like rubber. They are of three basic types:
"Slit" Type or Type V in which the gasket is slit to a V shape
"Square " type or Type M where the gasket is machined so that the inner base is flat.
"Folded" type or Type U where the inner base is rounded like a U.

Pure PTFE Specifications

Operating Temperature

260oC max

Melting Point



2.14 to 2.19 g/cm3

Tear Strength at 23oC

29 to 39 N/mm2

Tear Strength at 150oC

14 to 20 N/mm2

Shore D - Hardness

55 to 72

Expanded PTFE
Made of 100% pure PTFE which
is expanded using a special
process that produces a uniform
and highly fibrillated micro-
structure. This results in a
material with all the
excellent chemical resistant properties of PTFE but with very good sealing charaterisistics.
Expanded PTFE is soft and pliable yet surprisingly tough. It is resistant to pressing,
creep relaxation and cold flow. It seals uneven surfaces very well and may even be used in
damaged flanges. Highly inert and a very "clean" material. It is recomemnded for use with
potable water and for the food industry. For higher dynamic loadings expanded PTFE with
stainless steel insertion is available.

Available in sheets, and as joint sealant.in ribbon tape or rolls
Sheet dimemsion: 1500mm x1500mm 0.8mm to 6mm thick
Tape and Joint Sealant: 1.5mm to 6mm thick, width 3mm to 40 mm


Expanded PTFE Specifications

Operating Temperature

260oC max

Sealability (ASTM F37)


Compressibility (ASTM F-36)


Recovery (ASTM F-36)

29 to 39 N/mm2

Creep relaxation (ASTM F-38)


All information on this web site is meant as a general guide only. The complex nature of sealing applications does not allow any warranty to be given on the use of the information in determining the suitability of a product for a given application.

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