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Flowlok flange connections are designed to minimize fugitive emissions in bolted end-connections through the use of a patented dual seal design that "locks" in the media and improves flange sealability when compared to conventional flange gasket technology even in connections with imperfect flange faces.

The Flowlok is composed of essentially two independent sealing components, a high modulus composite-lined structural seal retainer and a secondary pressure-energized radial face seal. The primary sealing element is the composite seal retainer lining material located outside of the secondary radial face seal.

The gasket lining material is composed of a structurally rigid, yet superficially compressible material such as a glass-reinforced polymer (glass-reinforced epoxy, silicon, melamine or polyimid) or other non-asbestos, high-temperature polymer material which can then be coated with either Buna N rubber or chemical resistant neoprene. This material possesses good compressive strength while also providing a positive seal. The result is sealability without material deformation. The secondary face seal material is the key to fugitive emission minimization. The standard seal is a helical wound spring-energized Teflon lip seal. For nonstandard applications, Teflon can be substituted with a wide range of other superior elastomeric and non-elastomeric face seal materials (see section on Seal Materials).

The Pikotek Flowlok is designed for use in all ANSI and API class flanges including ring-joint (RTJ), raised-face, and flatface (or combination) flanges. This means that the Flowlok can be used to mate dissimilar flange types as well

Firelok (API 6 FB fire tested)

The Firelok flange connection offers all of the features and benefits of the Flowlok with the added feature of a patented fire-resistant "piston" seal which is designed to capture the media in the event of ultra-high temperature (hydrocarbon) flame impingement such as would be present in a runaway hydrocarbon fire.

The Firelok connection with fire-safe metal-to-metal backup seals has passed the API 6 FB destructive fire test for bolted end-connections (2,000 degrees F for 30 minute duration).

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