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Metal jacketed gaskets are semi-metallic gaskets in which a non-metallic filler is jacketed with sheet metal to produce a seal of exceptional strength. The soft filler allows for better compressibility as compared to a pure metallic gaskets. This makes for better sealability on irregular flange surfaces. The application temperature is limited by the filler material and the metal´s endurance. There is a minimum lap width whch must be taken into consideration when relatively small diameters or radii are required.
Single Jacketed
The standard Suitable for both gas and liquids.
Double Jacketed
Suitable for more chemcally active fluids
Allows for higher sealing pressure and better surface conformity
For sealing at low pressure where flanges are not sufficiently flat.
Squared Jacketed
For more chemcally active fluids where the metal offers protection over one side of the gasket.
Camprofile Gaskets
These are special metal jacketd gaskets.The filler is of pure expanded graphite and the stainless steel metal is profiled with concentric circles.The center is reinforced with a preformed stainless steel ring.which offers exceptional strength to prevent blowout.The gasket offers high sealability and great strength and is used at  elevated tempertaures and pressures.



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