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Sealrite Cellulose Fiber Jointing
Composition: Plasticised gelatine impregnated material, cellulose (vegetable) based fiber.

This is a very economical sealing material. It has excellent oil and fuel resistance and has a maximum continous service temperature of 120°C.

t is suitable for the following chemicals:
Alcohols, Aniline, Benzene, Butane, Butyl Acetate, Carbolic Acid, Carbon Dioxide, Detergents, Fuel Oil, Gasoline, Glycerine, Hydrogen, Hy
drogen Sulphide, Kerosene, Propane, Phenol, Sodium Silicate, Water(sea & fresh), Vegetable Oils, Xylol..

However it is not suitable for steam, alkali or acids.

Commonly used in the automotive industry among OEM manufacturers for gaskets in carburettors, fuel pumps, engine housing  or in axle covers. It is also often used to seal hydraulic oil or water in machinery and other simliar application where a low cost, low heat gasket is required.

Maximum Operating Tempertaure 120 oC
Colour Brown
Compressibility 25% to 40%
Recovery 40% min
Tensile Strength 14 N/mm2
Immersion in ASTM Oil No.3 22hrs Increase in weight 15% max, thickness  5% max
Immersion in Distilled Water 22hrs Increase in weight 90% max, thickness  30% max

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