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Blow Down Valves

Bont's wide range of Blow-Down & Drain Valves
can comply with any Customer request

Forged Steel Valves Type BLB
ANSI 1700, 2700, 4500 lb
The continuous blowdown valves are needle valves designed for operation in open position. Their function is mainly to control a continuous flow of steam and/or water under high differential pressure.
For that reason the design and materials must be such as to minimize the effects of a fluid stream in condition of flashing or made of water containing sometimes abrasive particles.
The outlet of valves is purposely "Venturi tube" shaped; stem is rising non rotating; a local stroke indicator shows the position of the disk.
In spite of the above mentione features, it can happen that these valves-after some operating time-are not able to ensure a tight seal, since even a slow acting erosion deteriorates the working surfaces of the disk and seat. What above does not affect its function.
The bonnetless design enables easy dismantling, inspection and maintenance.
Valve dimension must be selected according to the operating conditions.

for Continuous Blowdown
Forged Steel Valves Type BPR

for Blowdown/Blowoff with Zero Leakage after Closing Operation

ANSI 1700, 2700, 4500 lb
A standard blowdown or blowoff valve does not assure a tight sealing after some operating period: this is due to the normal erosion made by fluid between seat and disk; in case tight seal is needed, this function was performed in the past by a second valve.
Our new valve BPR carries out both functions-blowoff and tight seal-in sequence and namely: blowoff with valve suitably open and tight sealing with valve closed.
It is a "multistage" valve splitting the pressure drop along the whole disk that is along the different stages of the disk. Design of the disk, of the fluid path inside the valve as well  the materials are suitable to operate with high differential  pressure, therefore usually with critical flow. The consequences of  these critical flows of water/steam must not affect geometry and finishing of the sealing suface, to ensure tight sealing.
This problem has been succesfully solved by our new and innovative design. Valve dimension must be choosen according to the operating conditions.

Forged Steel Ball Valve for
Boiler Drain and  Blowdown (Patented)
This  BONT® "RSS" valve is an absolute innovation.

The valve has been designed specifically for Boiler Blowdown.
The two seats (Cesare Bonetti Patented) are manufactured from a "Special Compound" material combining metal and special graphite which makes the valve suitable to withstand high pressure and temperatures.
The sealing system has been carefully designed to avoid contacts of the fluid stream with the downstream seat during the normal blow-down and during the opening and  closing operation.
Therefore the said seat will be never damaged by the fluid velocity. The tightness is assured for an illimitated number of operation. Up to now we may say at least 40.000  cycles.

After extenive tests carried out on field, toghether with  exaustive laboratory testing, this Ball Valve has proven to be the most  efficient, maintenance & troubles free and cost effective "Blowdown Valve".

The valve can be manually operated, Pneumatically actuated (air to open spring to close) and electronically driven by a microprocessor specifically designed.
Features: PN 40 DIN 2401 - DN 25, 32, 40
ANSI  300 lb - DN 1", 1¼", 1½"
Screwed, SW and Flanged ends according European or American Standards.

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