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Bellow Valves

BONT® High Pressure Bellows  Valves

Forged steel Globe Valves (type WBY-L)
Forged Steel  Gate Valves (type WBT-L)

BONT® Globe Bellows Valves WBY-L
Globe Valves are produced in  rating
ANSI 600 - 800 - 1500 - 2500 lb.
Size ½" to  2".

Valves are Welded Bonnet
Y Pattern
Rising, non-rotating Stem.
Stop or Manual Flow Control.

Materials: Carbon steel, Low Alloy Steel, Stainless steel
Multi-ply Hastelloy Bellow as standard
(Stainless Steel AISI 321 or Inconel on request).


BONT® Gate Bellows Valves WBT-L
Gate Valves are produced in rating
API 602 - 800, 1500 lb.
Size ½" to  2".
The valves are Welded Bonnet T Pattern Rising, non-rotating Stem.

Materials: Carbon steel, Stainless steel
Multi-ply Stainless Steel AISI 321 bellow as standard
(Hastelloy or Inconel on request)




BONT® Medium And  Low Pressure Bellows Valves

BONT® Globe Bellows Valves type BBT-L 
The best performances & quality in this type of product.
Complete range in Nominal Sizes:
from DN 15 to DN 200 mm Flanged DIN NP 10, NP 40
from ½" up to DN 8" Flanged ANSI 150 - 300  lb.

Threaded or SW ends are available in the sizes ½" to 2".

Bellows Bolted Bonnet - T Pattern
Stop, Manual Flow Control
Materials: Cast iron, Forged or Cast Carbon steel, Forged or Cast Stainless steel
Bellows:  AISI 321 (Inconel or Hastelloy on request).


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